A new boost into the Dutch water landscape

The Dutch town of Vinkeveen boasts unique lakes, home to small islands and land strips. The land strips are the remains of the turf digging activities in the past, and are now used for recreational purposes, including as a destination for holiday cottages. An Amsterdam-based family bought one of the lands and asked DAY’s Founding Partner Louk de Sévaux to design a new cottage on it.
The new cottage is designed around the unique location and the social life of its inhabitants. Strict regulations needed to be compiled with, including regards to square and cubic meters, so the cottage utilizes the available space to its maximum potential. With a modest footprint, the cottage accommodates four bedrooms, two bathrooms and a sizeable living area. The indoors and outdoors blend beautifully thanks to the iconic two-storey high façade.
The construction of the cottage is in its final stages. We can’t wait to see the complete results!



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