Fly “Always Easy” with DAY’s designs at Eindhoven Airport!

eindhoven airport
Todays airport visitors look for ease of use and contemporary facilities throughout their whole experience. In 2017, Eindhoven Airport expects to realise a 11% growth to 5.3 million passengers. Therefore, they’re claiming an unique position in the market and meeting passenger needs with their new positioning strategy, “Always Easy”.
DAY was assigned to translate “Always Easy” into a design package for several physical touchpoints. We developed a vision on space and experience as a guiding principle for future developments, taking place over the next few years.
Futhermore, DAY designed the interior and branding of a brand new terminal which opened recently, and will be extended soon. The design reflects the views over the Dutch landscape with geometric shapes and layered-yet-fresh colour pallet. Visitors will experience “Always Easy” with the use of clear and colourful zoning and fun communication tools. Distinctive lines are key elements in the signage, spatial branding and graphical language, which includes a new set of icons.
eindhoven airport
The airport’s extension is based on an integrated approach focusing on infrastructure, people and online touchpoints. The on-going development includes new departure gates, retail and hospitality spots, along with corresponding services. A brand new parking lot will open and the current entrance area will be transformed soon.
eindhoven airport
DAY is very happy to fly on with Eindhoven Airport and the project team!

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