DAY launches The DAY Poster Project to celebrate and nurture creativity, with posters now available to buy! 

DAY is excited to introduce The DAY Poster Project, a daily poster project, found on Instagram and recently on our website. Every day is a different day, and that’s the source of our inspiration! 

DAY’s graphic designer and Hyper Island alumnus Niels Ploeg began The DAY Poster Project. The goal was to add value to DAY with his design skills. “It is important for agencies to have a strong and visual online presence,” Niels explains. “I found Instagram a great platform to inspire others by giving face and sharing with the world the vision of DAY”.

As the posters have received positive feedback and gained popularity, DAY has decided to work together with more young creative talents to make them available to buy for € 25,- Profits will contribute to our future plans of inspiring and educating young talents in the creative industry. Our goal is to continue providing space and opportunity for young creatives to explore, think outside the box, and always keep learning. 

DAY finds it important to give back to the bustling creative community . Let’s support the next generation of creatives together!

Find us on Instagram  and The DAY Project  for your daily dose of inspiration!             

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