Eight years of collaboration with DAY, the Ziggo Dome is now five years old!  


Ziggo Dome is the biggest entertainment venue in the Netherlands, with all major national and international artists performing at the venue since its opening in 2012.


DAY and the Ziggo Dome started working together in 2009 link news article, with the mission to create the ultimate live music experience for fans and artists. DAY defined the customer journeys of all stakeholders, developed the partner model, and translated their propositions in tangible touch points. This resulted in unique touchpoints such as Club Ziggo, LG zone, and the Randstad after party lounge. 



Dutch icon Marco Borsato held the first concert when Ziggo Dome opened. For Ziggo Dome’s fifth birthday, he helt concerts  link concert 5 years anniversary again on 23rd and 24th of June to celebrate! 


To celebrate their anniversary, DAY created a special edition poster as a present for Ziggo Dome. 


DAY is excited to keep collaborating with Ziggo Dome. Stay tuned!


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