Manual for photography, renewed tone of voice and advertising design concept for Vivium Zorggroep dementia care.


Vivium Zorggroep is a specialist in care for the elderly in the Netherlands. Care is provided in people’s own homes or at one of their locations. DAY, who worked with Vivium Zorggroep before on their current corporate identity, was asked to produce for their dementia care department, a more in-depth photography manual, a renewed tone of voice for copy, plus a design concept for advertising .


The final product besides the manual for for photography and tone of voice, includes a design concept for ads with two different templates. Horizontal and verticals, for use in newspaper advertising, which could be used by and/or briefed to any external agency to ensure a consistent brand look and feel across all media.


Vivium Zorggroep’s newspaper ads can soon be found across the country.


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