DAY designs several ING Touchpoints on the KNVB Campus

DAY started working with KNVB (Royal Soccer Association) by creating a concept to transform the muddy wooded location into an extrovert state of the art soccer campus. DAY’s goal was to create a context where education is nurtured and where professional and amateur players, organisations and businesses can meet together. This thinking provided a strong voice and visual status for KNVB as a brand and created partner opportunities.



One of KNVB’s loyal and biggest sponsors since 1996 is ING (Dutch multinational banking and financial services corporation). Since 2010 ING have been the main sponsor providing a stable base for organising and developing (amateur and female) soccer within the Netherlands.


DAY arranged brainstorms and idea creation sessions with both clients (KNVB and ING) that developed into strategy and design phases to activate the ING presence around the campus. 

Several ING branded touchpoints have been realised to contribute to the campus experience:
– A concrete structural wall next to the soccer field was turned into a variety of training exercises.
– Seats next to the soccer field now feature historic and famous statements.
– ‘Stairs of progress’ next to the field help to start a dialogue between team players by setting goals for the next session and inspiring them for the next match.
– Seats on top of the stairs within the educational center, where press conferences and training congresses etc take place, show iconic team numbers and the history of famous players.

The process of reshaping the campus is complete and DAY is working further on developing other touchpoints, sponsors and partnerships. So far, the project has been very well-received and DAY is excited to see what reactions there are from new visitors to the KNVB Campus.



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