DAY and BNNVARA collaborating towards a new strategy


BNN and the VARA, the two separate broadcasting brands became BNNVARA in 2014. Last week, the company presented their new brand and matching strategy as one brand, created in collaboration with DAY.  Despite BNN and the VARA having two different cultures, many similarities could be found in their values. Moreover, the two brands show opportunities to strengthen each others individual qualities. Therewith, a fitting new brandstory and strategy was constructed for the upcoming 5 years. This strategy is represented by the following three words: discover, reveal and unleash (ontdekken, onthullen, ontketenen).




Throughout the process, DAY organized a variety of sessions and workshops with employees, management and members from both BNN and the VARA to find out how to translate the cultures to a new and fitting strategy.

DAY has experiences in collaborating with media, for example in projects for MTV, Vondel CS and AVROTROS.



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