DAY is working with Stayokay on five more newly designed locations


After the successful opening of Stayokay Utrecht a year ago, DAY continues to work with Stayokay to bring five more of their locations in line with the new concept and positioning.


With multiple locations Stayokay targets many different guests; their rural facilities make an attractive family destination while urban locations target the young and international sightseers. There is a growing need for enriching experiences therefore their concept is focused on Stayokay becoming ‘The Place To Be’. Stayokay not only provides a bed to sleep on but also curates a complete experience with live acts, great food and drinks. In addition, mobile workplaces and meeting rooms make the hostel an excellent place to work.


Each location has a specific characteristic which is prominent within the new interior design thinking. Vondelpark, Amsterdam is currently undergoing a transformation using references to its lush green park-side location with an “Urban Jungle” concept and will be fully completed in 2018.



Construction will soon start at the coastal Terschelling location which has more of a dreamy exploration theme “With your nose in the wind and your thought at the horizon”. Zeeburg, in east Amsterdam is now in the very beginning of design phases with a “Colour Locale”concept taking bold references from the vibrancy of colours and patterns found from looking at the wide range of ethnic groups found in that area.



Den Haag and Maastricht will soon have their own unique theme created for them. DAY looks forward to continue working with Stayokay and rolling out the new positioning.


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