The Physical Experience Council: dinner with a discussion


“Will digital service touchpoint change our view on hospitality and is an online campaign always better than an offline campaign?”


Daily we ask ourselves how our industry will change in the future and we find solutions on how to react, keep being inspired and adapt to changing needs. Together with Mise en Place, a catering employment agency, DAY organised the Physical Experience Council: a think tank to talk about the physical and digital world colliding. Industry leaders from various backgrounds were invited to brainstorm about specific topics and learn from each others experience and knowledge.



To create a whole experience, the guests were invited to the Skybar by DoubleTree Hilton for a short introduction session, after which they were taken to a secret location in the Red Light District in Tuktuks. At this secret location a discussion was formed around specified statements and insights were discussed. For example, the majority of the industry leaders preferred having effective ambassadors over an international reach, in which it is important to differentiate between influencers who create reach and brand ambassadors who pro-actively promote your brand.




In conclusion, it was a night full of opinionated discussions and new connections around the theme: how to connect physical in a digital age?


As for us, we are glad that it was such a fruitful and inspirational night and are exited to host more of these insightful nights. Stay tuned!


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