A co-creation session with Eindhoven Airport at the enchanting Efteling

Recently DAY hosted a strategic co-creation workshop to explore new opportunities for Eindhoven Airport. The session took place at the Dutch theme park the Efteling, providing an experiential atmosphere that inspires creative thinking. During the session, the team of Eindhoven Airport used clever tools to work out innovative possibilities with their customers in mind.

The afternoon was kicked off with a presentation about thinking outside the box; inspiring Eindhoven Airport to look further than their own industry. DAY presented the latest trends in industries beyond their field expertise. What are other organizations doing and what can we learn from them? And how can we implement these learnings into the field of aviation?

To trigger ideas for new business possibilities the method of storyboarding was used. This method invites you to draw the different steps of the customer journey on paper. A fun way to visualize new ideas.

The partnership between DAY and Eindhoven Airport is established. DAY advices Eindhoven Airport on the implementation of its positioning ‘Always Easy’ and works on a variety of defined projects from strategy to spatial design.

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