DAY welcomes Christos, Marieke, Erik and Anouk!

We are very happy to welcome new members to our DAY team; enthusiastically introducing Erik, Christos, Marieke and Anouk to you:

Christos Efthymoudis, Interior Architect

Christos grew up in Greece where he worked for five years as an architect. With a background in hospitality design, festivals and activations, the user always plays the central part in his work. He loves seeing projects being realised and creating memorable experiences.

At DAY Christos will be working on spatial designs and solutions for various clients. Christos is looking forward to work on challenging projects and meet new interesting people.

Marieke van den Heuvel, Interior Designer

At DAY Marieke will work on design concepts for a variety of projects who request her expertise as an interior designer from the smallest to the largest scale. Before joining DAY, Marieke worked at Inside Outside. She is experienced in running projects ranging from developing materials and fabrics to urban planning, while her core responsibility lays in interior and exhibition design.

Her interest goes towards a human centric approach in which the customer journey and the brand identity are a central focus point.

Anouk van den Akker, Marketing and Strategy Intern

After completing her Bachelors Degree in Art and Economics, follow-up by a study in ‘human centred design thinking’ at Hyper Island, Anouk now joins the team as a strategy intern for 6 months.

Anouk is eager to learn more about the translation of consumer needs into contextual concepts. She is excited to explore the world of design and to create meaningful experiences for brands and people.

Erik Kieskamp, Interior Designer

With a Masters Degree in Integrated Product Design from the University of Delft, Erik’s background lies in applications-, services- and interior design. After his study he gained valuable work experience with our colleagues at Reframing Studio.

What drew him to DAY is the company’s design quality next to the challenge to work on projects from concept to implementation. The foundation for his work lies in understanding the journey of the customer and to translate this into state of the art solutions.

Erik is looking forward to work in a team with people from different backgrounds.

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