KNVB Campus – now home to the national Dutch soccer team!

From now on the KNVB Campus in Zeist is home to the National Dutch soccer team. Team DAY is proud to have contributed to this goal by defining the concept and design of the campus in Zeist.

Regarding top sports facilities, the KNVB Campus is fully up-to-date to accommodate the Dutch national team for a long period of time. National coach Ronald Koeman is happy to return to Zeist: “In Zeist we have everything at hand. Beautiful, multiple fields for example. A perfect total accommodation. This is where our football belongs.”

DAY is very proud to have created the initial concept of the KNVB Campus itself and designed it’s grounds. An environment where innovation, motivation and perspiration go hand in hand. DAY’s concept and design includes an extension of the headquarters, a training and meeting centre and new hospitality facilities. The heart of the campus is a high end soccer field. A distinctive Campus brand identity, signage system and interior branding make the experience complete.

View the case: www.day.nl/portfolio-item/knvb/

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