Exploring the role of the designer within future social and technological developments at Frame Lab: The Next Space

Last week DAY explored what’s next in spatial design when attending Frame Lab: The Next Space. The event includes the live judging and ceremony of the first-ever Frame Awards as well as an immersive blend of talks, workshops and multisensorial exhibitions organized in collaboration with interior business association IBA.

Besides the interesting materials presentations, perspectives where shared during lectures. Subject matters varied from an abstract to a more specific point of view during talks about the future social impact of design and specifically about the field of interior design. During ‘the future talks’ health care and the automotive industry were especially mentioned.

– In health care the shifts are towards preventive and home care. Hospitals need client journeys and Waiting Time should shift to Pausing Time. Different techniques were described in both the talk of Paul Skinner on the Museum of the Future (Dubai) and by Jos Stuyfzand, Senior Creative Director of Philips.

– Dominique Taffin explained how large changes in mobility will transform the urban landscape as much as when cars were first introduced. Leading to infrastructure that is 3D instead of 2Dimensionally orientated, and cities that are most of all designed for people again!

– Stephanie Akkaoui Hughes continued with a user-friendly approach that is much needed in architecture, facilitating and not dictating interactions. One of the methods she mentioned, and that we found interesting, is to not stop the creative work when the client moves into the building, but reserve time afterwards to fine-tune the design to the needs that can only occur when inhabited.

DAY enjoyed an inspiring day with an international audience and wants to congratulate all winners of the Frame Awards! Among them the charming Sevil Peach who won the Lifetime Achievement Award for her ground breaking work in office design.

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