Digital and hospitality go hand in hand at ING Client House, a visit initiated by Steven van Belleghem

DAY is privileged to participate in the ‘Conversation Council’ founded by Steven Belleghem that meets several times a year. During each session the association visits a true customer-centric location with Steven as thought leader in the transformation of customer experience through digital developments. This time the conversation was held at ING Client House accompanied by David Rasson and Bas Heemskerk as guest speakers from ING.

ING Client House is a new banking formula where hospitality plays a central role in design and service. As a client, for example, you decide the ambience of your dialogue with the bank employee; formal meeting room type setup or informally sitting on a couch or chair. ING recognises the future is digital but also personal, and that a more physical presence can create more of an emotional connection with the client.

A world where physical locations become offline digital platforms ask for a more customer-centric approach. Something we as DAY fully confirm. Physical context that matches with the philosophy of the brand makes the abstract tangible and adds context and meaning. We look out for the next Conversation Council at Cool Blue Rotterdam to get inspired for our own work!

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