The place to be this week for DAY’s Gesina Roters and Theo Glaudemans; New York City at the ADC 97th Annual Awards and The Ones Show 2018.

With nearly a century of rich history from illustration and photography to animation and digital arts, the ADC Annual Awards is a reliable industry barometer for where craft and innovation will lead us in the years to come.

Gesina Roters was invited to support The One Club Education Department which is founded to support the next generation of advertising and design creatives. The One Club creates and sponsors events and opportunities for students to immerse themselves in the professional community.

She looked at the portfolio of many design students and reviewed it together with them. A simple, but great way of helping young men and women hone their skills to prepare for a career in the advertising and design professions.

Next to that Gesina has been judging the ADC’s Brand & Communication Design discipline and handed out the coveted cube to Magpie Studio for Bandido – disrupting the California coffee scene.

A super inspiring trip to New York where the industry comes together to celebrate the world’s best work in craft, design and innovation and an honor to be a part of this.

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