DAY for Stayokay Den Haag

Stayokay plays a significant role in the hostel culture of the Netherlands, both for locals and international tourists. With multiple locations Stayokay targets many different guests.DAY and Stayokay have a long standing partnership. Several hostels are being brought in line with the overall brand positioning DAY concluded.

The challenge for Stayokay Den Haag was to create a sense of inclusion and make it modern, trendy and contemporary with a limited amount of architectural modifications. A real city hostel where people want to be, hangout and meet.

The ingredients of being a Royal City near the sea have been translated in the signing and the surf, skate and graffiti thematization.

Stayokay Den Haag is already open, although the project is not finalized yet, it already puts a smile on our faces.

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