Let’s just call it retail

Over the past few weeks DAY has been digging channels. We are working on retail strategies and designs for different clients. And they all require a lot of channels.


Just a couple of years ago our clients asked for a physical store concept. Or an online shop. Or a pop up.
 Since then the world has changed. The terminology gets more and more interesting. We heard them all: omnichannel, cross channel, any channel. The goal: to master all consumer touch points, thus providing the retailer with total control over the total chain.


Here is a simple thought. Let’s just call it retail.


Because retail always was and always will be the place where consumers fall in love with products, services and brands. Regardless whether it is online, off line, permanent, temporary or more. We need to focus on making that happen. Not on terminology. Because retail will change for ever; we’re not done yet. And because it makes life simple.



Louk de Sévaux is Managing partner at DAY.

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