According to dictionaries ‘destination’ is the intended end point of a journey. For marketeers it means something else. A destination is a place where consumers want to be. This means a destination opens up a world of opportunities to connect to an audience. So how can we make that work for our clients here at DAY?


It starts with research. We collect and study data and we source best practices from the same industry – and far beyond. We use our thinking, our imagination and our intuition. We conduct interviews with stakeholders, from all angles, be it a client or a visitor.
We take all of this information to co-creation sessions, where we work towards a compelling guiding principle: the essence of the destination, summarized in a powerful story.


After the sessions we look at the customer journey per target audience. We define all the channels we can use to bring the guiding principle to life. Environmental and digital design, branding or any other tool to help creating a unique experience. From customer journey we define domains that we use to create attractive propositions for partnering brands.


The result: a world of opportunities for our clients to connect to their audience.



Louk de Sévaux is Managing partner at DAY.

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