Brand strategy for AVROTROS by DAY

Last year two main Dutch networks AVRO and TROS merged after the government made a decision to create a larger and more unified national broadcaster. Both have a long and proud history. AVRO was founded back in 1927, while TROS was established in 1964 from a former pirate TV station.

DAY was approached by the network to create a new brand and a brand strategy. The focus of DAY was to concentrate on the future rather than the past. Through series of interviews with a wide variety of stakeholders and co-creation sessions insights were gathered and support was built for the new identity. The project led to creation of a new mission, vision, brand values and proposition, supported by ‘guiding principles’ that gently guide the behavior of a new brand.

Architecture of the brand is based on the vision in which titles and presenters are key to the success of the company. The AVROTROS brand acts as a ‘quality seal’.

The project was completed by creating a simple but versatile and powerful pay off: ‘Thuis bij AVROTOS’.

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