Blog: The power of image – Awareness

Monday = Image day. Every week our creative partner Gesina Roters experiments with several images.
Image is information and imagination. To me images are like living organisms. Like people, images communicate. They speak to us. Sometimes straight and sometimes subconscious. Images can have an own distinct character and mood. They can laugh or they can cry. They might tell the truth and also might lie. They tell you a shallow joke or a story with meaning. Some are serene and beautiful others cold and cruel, they make us happy and sad. They fade or stay in our memory forever.


Good image always inspires. This image-blog is an experiment. Introducing two images next to each other to create a dialogue. With maybe a new context, form, color or theme as a result. It’s intuitive and should be fun.


This week’s theme: Awareness


The content and the images used are made by others for several purposes. If possible we cited the source/name.




-Gesina Roters is Creative Partner at DAY

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