Inspirational Wednesday: The power of storytelling

A story sparks emotions and makes a brand come to life. Customers do not respond to data, instead- they love to hear a good story. The power of a story can help you connect with your clients, move your audience and make your brand more memorable. People will easily forget the things that you said or the things that you did, however people will never forget how you made them feel. And the best way to touch peoples’ emotions is by capturing a good story. It appeals to our sub-consciousness, because it follows traditional story lines that we automatically recognize and identify with.


A very good example is of course LEGO, especially keeping in mind that in 2004 the Danish company was on the edge of bankruptcy and had to cut 1000 jobs worldwide. Except for succeeding in turning things around, LEGO’s successful brand strategy is praised by the media. It is based on ageless positive identification and the joy of playing with the famous plastic bricks. All channels tell the same story: the LEGO blocks and characters are heroes. With them, we are going on adventures and journeys and experience fantasy world. In this way, the LEGO builders also become heroes! LEGO is not just a producer of plastic bricks anymore; it has become a media company. It manages several YouTube channels, has a very successful Facebook page, develops a large number of games and also has its own movie. The mix between user generated content and its own business success that is sent out through all available media channels makes LEGO the best practice for excellent PR and for great storytelling.


A successful example of storytelling from our own experience is the Visitor Experience Center that DAY created for Abu Dhabi Terminals. A clear storyline maintains the Abu Dhabi identity and honors the history of the city’s trade. The visitor is made aware of the connection of the port to the world through consistent graphical language. There are lines flowing through the entire building to depict this. The lines come back in every element and aspect of the identity of the ADT. To reflect how technologically advanced it is, we created interactive digital tools for visitors to easily understand the complex processes that are going on here. The visitor center perfectly enables Abu Dhabi Terminals to demonstrate and showcase in a powerful way what the Khalifa Port stands for. The building and interior stand out- people remember it. The total experience of a visit to Khalifa Port leaves a lasting impression.


Storytelling has proven its value since the beginning of humanity and even now, centuries later, it is still as powerful as it was back then. Our experiences and memories exist out of stories that we share with each other. Of course, analyzing statistics and acting on data can help in increasing sales. But it is also proven that we are wired to remember stories a lot better than data, facts, and figures. To create an unforgettable memory and a lasting impression, a well-developed relevant story that sparks emotions and touches the heart is the key. That defines the true customer experience that makes people feel connected to a brand.




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