DAY’s Strategy Partner, Louk de Sévaux teaches students about campus development at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design

Last week DAY’s Strategy Partner Louk de Sévaux was guest teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts and Design in Utrecht. The students are in their last year of the Masters program focused on Interior Design.

In his lecture Louk focused on campus development; how do you create a campus, what are the building blocks? In which aspects is creativity of relevance? When does design come in? Following DAY’s philosophy Louk explained the importance of the first phase, creating a concept based on vision, followed by the translation of this vision into all elements that together make a campus. That is where the design phase starts; creating these elements.

The lecture was followed by a trip to the KNVB Campus in Zeist, where Louk could show how this theory was turned into reality.

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