Coolblue’s customer journey delivers a smile on the face of DAY

DAY is privileged to participate in the ‘Conversation Council’ founded by Steven Belleghem that meets several times a year. During each session the association visits a true customer-centric location with Steven as thought leader in the transformation of customer experience through digital developments. This time the conversation was held at the Coolblue headquarters in Rotterdam.

The day was kicked off with Steven van Belleghem sharing trends in customer experience and how to improve customer service through digital resources such as AR and VR. When Coolbue’s CEO Pieter Zwart took the stage, he told us about the organised but playful company culture. For Coolbue, making money is just as important as “doing everything for a smile”. Their constantly improved ratings in customer satisfaction and growing revenue proves that this approach pays off.

The everyday mission to deliver a smile on every customers face, leads to an impressive focus on satisfying the customer, as well as, bringing out the best in their employees. During an extensive guided tour, we could see with our own eyes how the inspiring corporate culture finds its way back in both services and the workplace. Conversations with the employees affirmed the customer centricity drawn business. Instead of an online retailer they see themselves more as a “customer journey travel agency”.

DAY enjoyed an inspiring look behind the scenes at Coolblue’s office that completely reflects the company’s philosophy. At Coolbue entrepreneurship starts with fundamentally understanding the needs of the customer. We as DAY admire that every touchpoint of Coolbue serves the typical Coolblue identity from office, to shop to contact center. We are looking forward to the next Conversation Council on the 6th of June.

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