Job Opening – Junior Brand Strategist

DAY is looking for a new team member; a Junior Brand Strategist.

As a Junior Brand Strategist at DAY creative business partners you will transform the way brands and their audiences connect with each other.

You are a strategic thinker in your field and love to share perspectives on brands and business. You understand the value of combining both sides of the brain: combining statistics and figures with intuition. You understand the role of creativity in business. You know why strategic branding and design agencies have a leading role in defining creative strategy, distinctive assets and key touch points of brands.

You will support our Senior Brand Strategist in inspiring clients towards alignment with engaging workshops, powerful presentations and inspiring conversations. Whether it’s renovation or positioning; interior architecture, identity design, or creative strategy, the linking piece is strategic thinking. Understanding today’s environment of the brand and the opportunities ahead. You have the ability to provide clarity, inspiration and commitment to your clients to a clearly expressed vision. Changing the world along the way….

Do you have affinity with brand strategy and design and do you want to develop and expand your knowledge of the business? Do you want to work in an enthusiastic and dynamic team for leading brands on a wide range of projects?

We would love to hear from you! You can send an e-mail with your application to amsterdamrecruitment@DAY.nl.

Please click here for full details on the Junior Brand Strategist vacancy.

Looking forward to meeting you!

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