10 things you need to think about when developing a future-proof public venue – NEXT magazine

In the coming weeks DAY creative business partners will be sharing interesting topics addressed in NEXT magazine. This first cut out is about the 10 topics you need to think about when developing a public venue of tomorrow. From signage to safety, connectivity to sustainability and cortex to food. It’s all part of the game

01. Signage – Location of the signage should be part of the process of planning the building and the environment.

02. Experience – Venues no longer just provide a space for the event but integrate the overall personalized experience for the visitors.

03. Context – Do not become a monolith that is separate from the environment. Constantly search for ways to connect with people and the city to stay relevant.

04.Partners – Brands are relying more and more on the venue to help them bring their message and content to life. Use this to optimize your physical experience!

05. Connectivity – Enable every fan to connect with the world by creating a high density WiFi stadium.

06. Sustainability – Take your responsibility and become a model for environmental sustainability.

07. Safety – By harnessing technology to ensure a safe fan experience, venues can potentially minimize the risk of violent incidents and avoid the subsequent revenue loss.

08. Garbage – Maximize recycling, minimize waste, measure what you’re disposing, educate and involve your staff.

09. Food – While junk food remains the game day staple at stadiums and venues, creative culinary offerings continue to play an important role in ensuring a successful event.

10. Adaptability – Create a hybrid location that can be adapted to multiple needs to ensure that the full potential of space can be exploited.

Having collaborated in the renovation of the legendary Thialf Ice-Skating Arena in Heerenveen and having received the German Design Award 2018 for its design, ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects and DAY creative business partners decided to publish a magazine about the development and design of sports and leisure venues of the future.

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