DAY & Stayokay the 5th

How can a market leader as Stayokay increase not only the amount of regular guest and their dwell time, but also attract more locals and passersby?

Stayokay’s answer to this question is a food & beverage concept called “The 5th”. In some of the city locations Stayokay has developed this cultural melting pot and “living space” where people can come together, have a drink, a bite, do some work or just have fun.

DAY creative business partners was asked to design a logo and create a brand identity for “The 5th” that could exist next to the existing brand and match the values and vision of Stayokay. A fun design manual and colourful identity is created, reflecting young and fresh characteristics. These will be used on all communication material, such as, terrain branding, website and menu.

DAY looks forward to continue working with Stayokay and rolling out the new projects.

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