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In the coming period DAY creative business partners will be sharing interesting topics addressed in NEXT magazine. This second cut out is about trends that will have a major influence on sports and entertainment venues. Trends you need to think about when developing a public venue of tomorrow. They have one similarity and are all part of the game!


The digital and the physical fuse in phygital installations. Technology made tangible, sensory, personal and intuitive in order to create a new experience. Nike’s Unlimited Stadium offers a phygital running rack.


People prefer brands that offer more than an image: human interaction, a community, meaning and values. How to build a physical experience around the interaction with a brand? At the Lowlands festival Miele Power Wash offered a useful, fun and physical experience to get to know the washing machine brand.


In the future immersive virtual technology will improve even further. Stadiums have to be prepared to be wired for virtual spectators, taking in match, concert and atmosphere through VR products such as HoloLens and Magic Leap. Design and customer data become part of the physical venue.


Crowd control in stadiums will include facial recognition. This can lead to superb service: We know you have arrived. Your favorite drink is ready. We can offer you a jersey in your size and tickets for future dates.

Having collaborated in the renovation of the legendary Thialf Ice-Skating Arena in Heerenveen and having received the German Design Award 2018 for its design, ZJA Zwarts & Jansma Architects and DAY creative business partners decided to publish a magazine about the development and design of sports and leisure venues of the future.

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