CK Group Showroom Luxembourg – From B2B to H2H

DAY creative business partners created a concept for redesigning the headquarter of CK Group in Luxembourg. Showroom, workspaces and meeting room should become a hospitable and inviting centre of the company.

The design concept is based on a change of approach. An environment doesn’t only have to be focused on its purpose; by making the environment more humane and by creating a pleasant and attractive ambiance, new consumers feel at home and potential business will be stimulated. An open, transparent and contemporary space which is corporate and trustworthy, but ‘human’ and hospitable at the same time.

The design concept: “Clash – Make it our own by bringing opposites together” is presented to the CK Group and was very well received. DAY is looking forward to the next steps and rolling out the new design. To be continued.

Concept: Customer Journey

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