Creating business through circular design – DAY & CIRCO / DDiD

At DAY we believe that design is the engine to come to circular products and services. A circular business models can be as profitable as a linear model and allows consumers to keep enjoying similar products and services. Sustainable design, with respect for people, the environment and society, can be truly successful.


The development towards a circular economy starts with circular entrepreneurship and DAY’s Gesina Roters and Mariecke van den Heuvel want to know everything about this important topic. They are participants in the by CIRCO and DDiD organized course; “Ciculair Design Track Interior and Furniture”. In three sessions they will discuss new circular products, services and business models and the possible implementation of this in the work of DAY.


During this first workshop they dived deep into the philosophy of circular economy and investigated how you can achieve innovative business models and product designs through the practical application of circular design principles. This was followed by an inspiring tour at a company that considers and treats waste as a raw material for new products.


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More information can be found at https://circonl.nl/ and https://www.ddid.nl/.

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