Brand strategy for Medux – make more possible

“Meer mogelijk maken (Make more possible)”, that is the starting point of Medux. Being an umbrella organization, Medux provides support to a group of companies that supply and maintain rehabilitation and care tools. This way their labels can fully concentrate on their customers, for whom they make ‘more possible’ with their products and accurate service.

Medux continuously looks ahead towards changing regulations, new technologies, the development of e-commerce and sustainability. This to remain relevant in a changing market and to support its labels optimally. In order to continue these activities properly to the future, it is important as a ‘mother brand’ to take a clear and distinctive positioning. This helps to attract the right employees and is essential for the contact with partners, stakeholders and government.


DAY was asked to sharpen the brand strategy and corresponding positioning and proposition of Medux. Goal is to make Medux appealing for the business target group (acquisition candidates / investors) and employees (current and potential), but also non-market parties. It is important to recognize that Medux is not a consumer brand, therefore it should focus its positioning on the target groups.

Together with Medux, DAY organized a kick-off session and several work sessions with the project team (consisting of representatives from marketing, HR, strategy, management and labels) in which extra insights were gained. A distinctive brand manifest, positioning and proposition was developed with a strong core and focus. The taglines; ‘Wij zijn van het kunnen‘ and ‘Meer mogelijk maken’ were introduced.

In the formulated brand strategy, the aim is to grow from an organization to a brand. Not a distant holding company, but a club of potential players. A brand that healthcare entrepreneurs and current and future employees can rely on. Thinking in possibilities and making sure that healthcare entrepreneurs and employees stand in their strength and do what they do best.

The brand strategy is presented to Medux and is very well received. DAY is looking forward to the next steps in this interesting brand development process.

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