Music connects people in the redesigned Ronda foyer of TivoliVredenburg

On 11th October the new Ronda bar of TivoliVredenburg was opened. DAY was there and with good reason. DAY created the new design for the Ronda foyer and the bar on the second floor adjacent to the Ronda room in TivoliVredenburg. Naming was an important part, as with this the redesigned Ronda foyer and bar became a real destination.

The desire was to replace the current bar and picnic tables for a fixed bar and create extra seating. In addition, the atmosphere and the experience should become more in line with Tivoli and with the look and feel of the Ronda room. In short; create a total experience where people want to be before and after a concert.

Starting point for the design of the foyer was the Ronda room. The Ronda room is inspired by Indian patterns. The bronze color is a characteristic of the room, which gives it a warm atmosphere. The hall is mainly used for pop concerts and is intimate.

For the spatial applications of the Ronda foyer, a contrasting pallet in materialization was chosen. By applying structure, layering, shadowing and lighting, an exciting pallet for spatial application was created. The palette consists of neutral colors in combination with burgundy red and a pop color as statement. The illuminated spatial logo is a recognizable spot in line with the identity of the Ronda room.

Not all parts of DAY’s design are finalized yet, but we guarantee that the large wall next to the stand staircase will be just perfect for the wall-filling graphic. By extending the concept in print communication, the feeling of one experience will be enlarged. The first two rows of the stand staircase will become benches to maximize the seating capacity. On the stand stairs, round seating elements will be folded around the rectangular concrete staircases as part of the new branding. All seats will be soft for comfortable seating and the material will be removable and sustainable. Tables will be used in between so that visitors can place their drink. Additional seating elements will be placed at the bottom of the stairs for a lounge setting.

The opening of the Ronda Bar was a huge success and all parties involved are enthusiastic about the final result. The introduced concept, naming and branding offer lots of possibilities for further implementations.

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