FONK – 12 sustainable brands compete for the Coolest Dutch Brand Award

Every year, the editorial staff of FONK magazine compiles a list of 12 originally Dutch brands around a predetermined theme. In 2018, the election will revolve around current sustainable brands that have begun their march through daring and sophisticated marketing, so that they can appeal to a wide audience and can actually make a change from there.


In the meantime, the first nine nominees for the title ‘Coolest Dutch Brand 2018’ have been announced. In October, November and December, another three contenders will get a podium in FONK magazine. Up to now are nominated (order January through September): Tony’s Chocolonely, Picnic, PLUS, Bunq, Marie-Stella- Maris, ASN Bank, Vandebron, Kings of Indigo and the Vegetarische Slager.

Images: FONK magazine

For the second year in a row a jury has been compiled that will review the nominated cases. This jury of strategists and creatives has been updated and supplemented with an eye for this year’s sustainable theme. There will be several selection rounds until the final ceremony in March 2019.


We are proud that DAY’s Gesina Roters is one of the jurors who have to decide which of the twelve nominated brands may call themselves ‘Coolest Dutch Brand 2018’. And be honest, who doesn’t want to win this.

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