GGNet – brand identity for a large-scale mental health organization

GGNet is a specialist for people with mental health problems and their loved ones. Psychological problems can disrupt lives. GGNet sees perspective. Always. With everyone. They show this in word and image in their new brand identity created by DAY creative business partners and Erik Schuur.

GGNet offers a large variation of treatments and therapies to an equally varied group of patients. The new strategy formulated by Ubachs / Full Contact created a need for a new brand identity. GGNet’s new brand strategy was developed based on a challenging landscape with many partners involved and a delicate message to be told. GGNet’s goal is to improve all medical, organizational and social factors in such a way that they, together with all other stakeholders, can truly improve their patients’ recovery and diminish unnecessary dependence. Creating, restoring or optimizing contact between all players is key within this.

The created brand identity is visually stronger and more distinctive than the previous but, at the same time, warmer, more colorful and more human. Realistic and clear, but also surprising and even optimistic. A bright and varied color palette is combined with snapshot-like photography and illustrations that are hand-drawn by patients to add a very personal element. The look and feel is clean, simple and contemporary. By using a combination of fonts, imagery, unusual graphic shapes and patterns a refreshing and inviting atmosphere is created.

This brand identity is applied to a large series of communication vehicles, from stationery and brochures to both a general and careers website. Everything is summarized in a brand manual.

The new brand identity is very well received by GGNet and their new website www.ggnet.nl is a perfect example.

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