Gesina Roters at Food Inspiration DayX – ‘Make it easier, healthier and more enjoyable’

On 15 & 16 October the Food Inspiration DayX were organized. 2 days, 6 stages, 15 themes and 80 speakers who told the attendees all about the trends and the latest developments in the world of eating, drinking, sleeping and hospitality.


DAY’s creative partner and founder, Gesina Roters was one of the speakers. In her presentation she focused on the changing physical living environment in relation to the world of ‘food’. Gesina Roters sees three major shifts.

Shift 1: From mono to multi environment
The customer is thinking less and less in channels and formats and instead reasons from it’s need. Thanks to all digital techniques, the consumer is rapidly changing the roles in the chain. The customer increasingly chooses, scrolling on his iPhone, the provider that brings the best offer at that time and at that location. Brands evolve into lifestyle ambassadors and the physical store gets a new role. This lifestyle approach fits an ever-broader product range and more and more brands understand that in addition to non-food, food is an increasingly important part of this.


> Make spaces relevant by multi-purpose thinking and thinking in partnerships. This blurring offers great opportunities for high traffic locations.

Shift 2: From ‘happy-feeling’ to a well-being space.

We see a shift from a focus on a ‘happy-feeling’ to a space that focusses on well-being. Spaces need to be used differently to better facilize people’s well-being. A shift from ‘good for your brand’ to ‘be good for people’. From instagrammable (Mamma Kelly) to human centered

There is a growing need for a ‘third place’, a place next to work and home. We believe that ‘third places’ are the foundation of society. Meeting, learning, working and consuming will go hand in hand.

>Make your environment a ‘third place’.

Shift 3: From sustainable to smart circularly
Use green and technology innovatively to shape space differently.

Biophilic design responds to the innate need of people to be in contact with nature. Research shows that a biophilic environment lowers stress and thus works positively on the health of the users. Operatively interesting because healthy employees are more productive, with higher profit figures as a result.

>Bring principles of nature into your space, biophilic design, and make elements of your environment or service (ecological and economic) circular.

At DAY we look at your food-, retail-, hospitality environment differently; easier, healthier and more enjoyable. Interested in our vision and work? We would love to hear from you, 020-7715077 or amsterdam@day.nl.

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