The idea of… Gesina Roters

Johan Kramer presents the third chapter of ‘Het idee van’ (ideas) with ADCN & HALAL – a series of short films where the advertising icon and exquisite filmmaker chats to people across the industry about what gets their creative juices flowing.

As the Creative Partner and founder at DAY creative business partners, Gesina Roters tells you about how she gets her ideas.

Camera & Direction: Johan Kramer
Title design: From Form

ADCN & HALAL present: The State of Ideas
On January 29th, 2019 ADCN & HALAL present: The State of Ideas. This is the first annual year-in-review session on The State of Ideas, an occasion to zoom out on the year past, report on the current affairs of our industry and allow the community to propose an outline agenda for the year to come.

Based on ‘Ideas’ by Johan Kramer, the session invites various participants to lead a discussion on the present environment in which we operate. Gesina Roters will join the expert panel.

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