In memoriam Louk de Sévaux

Louk de Sévaux,

*January 23rd 1963   –   +February 17th 2019

Unfortunately and sadly we have to announce the passing of Louk de Sévaux. Louk was our co-founder and inspirator from the very beginning. He never gave up in life and did fight his disease until the end in a very dignified manner.

Louk stood at the cradle of a thriving, dynamic and creative company which he was involved in day and night. His death is a great loss for anyone who loved him, worked with him, laughed and lived with him. We are thankful and happy to have had Louk around in our lives as our partner, driven entrepreneur, visionary and creative spirit, humorous guy and most of all as a friend.

We thank Louk for the years of cooperation and will continue his legacy at DAY within his driven spirit. Our thoughts go out to his family, Monique, Milou, Inez and Alexanders.

On behalf of Gesina Roters, Theo Glaudemans and the entire team of DAY

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