DAY welcomes Jan Pieter Kaptein as Brand Strategist

DAY is enthusiastic to welcome Jan Pieter Kaptein as Brand Strategist.

After finishing his study at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, Jan Pieter started working as a freelance designer, gaining experience with a wide variety of creative disciplines. While working on these projects he develop a special interest for human behaviour as well as strategic thinking.

I have always been interested to combine creativity with a more analytical style of thinking. What I love most about my job at DAY is the ability to combine the best of these two worlds, the right and the left side of the brain.” Jan Pieter says.

Jan Pieter loves to spend his spare time walking long-distance trails and is an avid podcast listener. His daily commute between Rotterdam and Amsterdam provides him with plenty of time to listen to all of his favourite shows. We will post a list with his all-time favourites soon as part of our ‘Top 5 favourites’ series.

Jan Pieter’s LinkedIn

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