DAY’s Becky Elliott on her Favorite Instagram Accounts

At .DAY creative business partners we are always on the look-out for new inspiration. Big or small. As a design agency inspiring people is in our DNA. But where do we get our inspiration from? Every two weeks we will publish a favorite top list of one of our .DAY team members. From favorite hotel experiences to sustainable trends. Inspirational, creative and looking outside our box. Things to keep an eye on.


Be inspired by the top 5 “Instagram accounts” by Becky Elliott, senior creative at .DAY creative business partners.


#copyrightpeterhook – hazard tape photographed around the globe and made instafamous – love the graphical and iconic content with a twist.


#presentandcorrect – what started out to be a personal fascination with gorgeous stationery is now a successful business – brings out the geek in me with its lovely colour palettes, also photographed beautifully.


#super_ordinarylife – arty photos of everyday objects – reminding me to keep my eyes open and see the beauty in everything.


#cimkedi – gridded and lined up within an inch of its life architectural photography – aside from graphics, architecture is another passion of mine and these posts make my OCD eyes very happy!


#diego_cusano – smile making clever and quirky illustrations drawn around everyday objects – as a designer it’s always good look at things from a different angle.

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