DAY’s Jan Pieter Kaptein on his Favorite Podcasts

At .DAY creative business partners we are always on the look-out for new inspiration. Big or small. As a design agency inspiring people is in our DNA. But where do we get our inspiration from?


Every two weeks we will publish a favorite top list of one of our .DAY team members. From favorite hotel experiences to sustainable trends. Things to keep an eye on. Be inspired by our top 5 by Jan Pieter, junior strategist at .DAY creative business partners. Inspirational, creative and looking outside our box.


99% invisible


This podcast, hosted by Roman Mars, is all about design. But don’t expect interviews with high-end fashion designers or reports about the latest design highlights of the Milano furniture fair. Hence its name; the show is all about anonymous design – from airport carpets to plastic drinking straws. The makers of 99% invisible manage to expose the very compelling stories behind these seemingly boring objects of design. I can specifically recommend the two episodes about the design of the Amsterdam Bijlmer District.




This show, published by broadcasting organisation VPRO, is basically a Dutch version of 99% invisible. But it’s not just the language that’s Dutch. also the way the podcast is made ( it’s less heavily produced) and the scope of the topics that is typical for the Netherlands. My favourite episode is about the process of naming streets. It’s hilarious!


Household Name


While most of the shows in this list are all-time favourites, this show is a new discovery. During my first week at DAY, I started looking for inspiring podcasts about brand strategy. Most of the shows I found were fairly disappointing but ‘Household Name’ (published by Business Insider) stood out of the crowd. I think the pay-off says it all: Brands you know, stories you don’t. One of my favourite episodes is about the Japanese Christmas tradition of dining at KFC.




This podcast is a bit different from the other shows in this list as it’s published by Charles Schwab, an American-based bank and brokerage firm. The show explores the lessons of Behavioural Economics and the way subconscious thinking patterns can lead to irrational and sub-optimal decision-making. If understanding the flaws of our brains can prevent us from costly mistakes in the future, listening to this podcast is a valuable investment of your time. A great example of thought leadership! My favourite episode so far is about the ‘Sunk costs fallacy’.


 The Indicator


I’m the kind of podcast freak that is listening to podcasts while eating breakfast or riding my bike to the train station. But in these cases, when you only have 15 minutes, listening to a full-length podcast can be a bit frustrating. Luckily, a new type of ultra-short podcast shows is on the rise. My favourite show in this category is ‘the Inidicator’. The show provides quick insights in the world of corporate business and the economy and does so in a very not-boring way! The only downside of the show is that the scope is sometimes a bit limited to the US economy. But who cares? The show is only 10 minutes!

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