DAY’s Linde Koesen on her Favorite Wallpaper designs

At .DAY creative business partners we are always on the look-out for new inspiration. Big or small. As a design agency inspiring people is in our DNA. But where do we get our inspiration from?


Every two weeks we will publish a favorite top list of one of our .DAY team members. From favorite hotel experiences to sustainable trends. Inspirational, creative and looking outside our box. Things to keep an eye on.


Be inspired by the top 5 “Flora and fauna wallpapers” by Linde Koesen, producer at .DAY creative business partners.


Leaf Love (click for link!)

Green is the richest color palette, the color of which the human eye can see the most! Make a lush green corner in your home with this beautiful mural.


The muted green tones in this photo wallpaper with cacti are ‘prickly’ to the eye.


Stil life

Enjoy this still life with a beautiful bouquet of flowers by Abraham Mignon, which was originally made around 1660.



This unique print was drawn by hand first and then printed on wallpaper. A pleasure to the eye and creating a jungle playground for children.


Contemporary wallpaper

The trend for 2019: contemporary wallpaper. Super nice wallpaper that looks like art.


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