DAY’s Bart Kleijzen on his Favorite Innovative Physical Retail concepts

At .DAY creative business partners we are always on the look-out for new inspiration. Big or small. As a design agency inspiring people is in our DNA. But where do we get our inspiration from? Every two weeks we will publish a favorite top list of one of our .DAY team members. From favorite hotel experiences to sustainable trends. Inspirational, creative and looking outside our box. Things to keep an eye on.


Be inspired by the top 5 “Innovative physical retail concepts” by Bart Kleijzen, strategy director at .DAY creative business partners.


B8ta Store 

A new business model in retail. The B8ta stores are not about selling products, but about collecting data for suppliers. Consumers can try the newest gadgets in a nicely designed retail environment and B8ta collects useful data for the suppliers.


Her Majestys Pleasure (cocktail, beauty and coffee bar)

An ultimate form of ‘blurring’ between different commercial functions. Her Majesty’s Pleasure is an intersection of beauty services, a fully licensed bar, café, social venue and luxury retail boutique offering the most unique lifestyle experience.



Hyundai, Jaguar, Land Rover, Mitsubishi and Ford are selling cars via the innovative retail formula called Rockar. Rockar changed the way you buy your car. Search and configure your new car, choose a finance option that suits your needs, checkout, and then track delivery online. All without a sales person steering the process. Alternatively, you can visit the digital store based in shopping centres.


Casper (the dreamery) 


An experience store which is not so much about selling mattresses, but about experiencing a mattress and they try to be relevant by offering a resting place in busy city centres so that everyone can have a power nap.


Macy’s launces STORY

Story is a narrative-driven retail concept shop and will bring to life an editorial approach to retail in 36 Macy’s stores nationwide. Opening with “Color” as its inaugural theme, STORY at Macy’s invites customers across the country to explore and experience color through a rainbow of curated, giftable products and through a range of more than 300 fun color-inspired events.


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