DAY’s Marieke van den Heuvel on her Favorite Initiatives on Sustainability


At .DAY creative business partners we are always on the look-out for new inspiration. Big or small. As a design agency inspiring people is in our DNA. But where do we get our inspiration from?

Every two weeks we will publish a favorite top list of one of our .DAY team members. From favorite hotel experiences to sustainable trends. Inspirational, creative and looking outside our box. Things to keep an eye on.

Be inspired by the top 5 “Initiatives on Sustainability” by Marieke, senior creative at .DAY creative business partners.


– Pay per Lux project, light as a service

To make the shift from a take-make-dispose model to a circular economy we need big players on board, both on the client as on the supplier’s side. With ‘Pay per lux’ Philips creates a bespoken light plan combining maximum efficiency with keeping ownership over the materials, enabling better maintenance, reconditioning and recovery.




The platform (launched fall 2018) takes a pragmatic approach on sustainable and circular interior design by providing information on the environmental impact of materials per sqm. Making it easy to compare brands of a particular material or see the different environmental impact of various material options.


– Ohoo edible water bubbles

Closing a door is opening one; the soon to be implemented ban on single-use plastics already creates a new demand on smart solutions. Such as the Ohoo edible water pods, developed by startup Skipping Rocks Lab, that were handed out during the last London Marathon. The seaweed exteriors of the 200.000 capsules biodegrade in just four to six weeks



– Brainport Smart District (BSD)

BSD is a still to be built neighborhood in Helmond with high ambitions with regard to circularity, sustainability and social cohesion. It’s not set up as fixed masterplan but as flexible grid that is based on ‘learning by doing’. This creates opportunity to implement new innovations and emerging demands during the process. A project to follow.



– Smile plastics

Many types of recycled plastics have been developed over the past years, one after another with more interesting characteristics or backgrounds. At .Day we are appreciate the choices we get, but to end this top 5 I choose Smile Plastics because this candy for the eye literally bring a smile to my face.

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