Mark Bos’ Top 5 Hotel Experiences Around the World


My name is Mark Bos. I’m working as a project manager at DAY. I love to travel and when I’m away, one of my favorite activities is to explore and experience exciting hospitality concepts. I’ve put together a list of my top-five-favorite hotels. I hope this list will inspire your next journey!


– Soho Farmhouse, Chipping Norton, United Kingdom


A perfectly arranged and well-thought through countryside experience! From the rubber boots at your front door, to the paper bag filled with freshly made granola in the kitchen… Soho Farmhouse is the perfect romantic getaway. Beautifully decorated with plenty of assets that make your stay in this wooden cabin as comfortable as possible. A stand-alone chimney at the feet of your bed, a steel bathtub outside on your porch overlooking a tiny babbling brook and at least a dozen of bath crèmes and shower gels to choose from.


For those who like to get out and active, Soho offers a wide arrange of activities, from horseback riding and mountain biking to luxurious car drifting and outstanding relaxing massages at SFH’s ‘Cowshed Spa’. One of my most memorable hotel experiences so far and worth every penny. Yes, be aware: it’ll cost you a dime (..or ten).



– Celestino Botanico, Medellin, Colombia


If the charm of barrio El Poblado isn’t enough for you – streets covered year-round with bright, green trees, an overload of small boutiques and gastronomic variety and an outdoor basketball field and fitness area filled with self-conscious youngsters – Celestino Botanico is the perfect place to go green, get quiet and feel private in the middle of this buzzling and most vivid area of Medellín.


This recently opened hotel has a cute, little reception area with beautiful wallpapers and comfortable furniture, that is directly connected to the independently run coffee and lunch room ‘Azul Selva’. This is definitely not a fully equipped, five star hotel, but with its spacious, tastefully decorated rooms, uncovered glass wall rainshower and friendly 24/7 service, this is probably one of the best accommodations you’ll find around here. Not to forget about its tiny but impressive rooftop terrace with its transparent Jacuzzi and jaw-dropping skyline city views. “Crazy expensive?”, you might think.. Not at all! Just over EUR 50,- a night. Breakfast not included.



– nhow Rotterdam


The globally-oriented hospitality concept of ‘nhow’ currently holds four hotels and three new locations will open next year. In 2013, nhow opened a hotel in one of the most iconic buildings of Rotterdam. The high-rise building which was called ‘de Rotterdam’ is designed by the world-class architecture studio OMA and features restaurants, offices, apartments and the beautifully designed nhow hotel.


The rooms are spacious, bright and clean. They offer the best city views you can think of. This is a must-visit when you’re in town. Even if you’re not spending the night here (which I highly advise against), the hotel also runs an industrially-styled restaurant ‘BAR / KITCHEN’ which was recently awarded as the best hotel bar of Rotterdam. With its concrete feel, interesting lighting and outdoor terrace facing the Maas, it gives you plenty of reasons to cross the river! Go Rotterdam style. Head South. Drink. Get lost. And try to find your way back home.



– Mama Shelter, Paris, France


This place has a playful, underground, pop-rock’ish feel and is located in the 20th arrondissement of Eastern Paris – next to the famous Père Lachaise cemetery. Chalk drawings and weird quotes cover the walls, the floors and the ceiling of this quirky place. Robust materials and dark colors are combined with virginal white curtains and immaculate soft bed linen. Playful accessories in the bedroom (such as a bed lamp shade shaped as a Batman mask) and an outdoor rooftop terrace (where softer and more natural materials are combined with pastel colors and tons of pillows) are there to make your stay pleasant and joyful.


A mainly young crowd of artistic peeps – or slightly older business guests, but still young at heart – come together in one of the four restaurants/bars. Getting to know like-minded people, to interact and laugh with or to simply grab a drink (or two); Mama Shelter is there to accommodate you. There’s plenty of comfort food for everyone and it doesn’t matter if you’re going out into the city or you prefer to stay in, at Mama Shelter everything is at hand for a fun evening out or a crazy night in-house, until the early hours.



– Haad Tien beach resort, Koh Tao, Thailand


When daydreaming of your perfect hide-away at some tropical beach resort, cross the ocean and go to Haad Tien, a beach-resort located on Koh Toa, one of Thailand’s smallest islands. The wooden cabins come with astonishing ‘azul blue’ views, tons of tropical fish nibbling at your feet and palm trees reaching straight into heaven. With two kingsize beds available (one inside your cabin, the other outside on the veranda) you get to pick whether you sleep under the stars or prefer to stay in. Your private, outdoor rain shower is strategically placed next to the beach house, to guarantee you don’t lose sight of Thailand’s most gorgeous sea side.


For those who prefer poolside paddling over salty sea snorkelling, there’s a black marble infinity pool located 15 metres away from the sea. Here your kindest Thai staff serves you ice-cold cocktails and local cuisine day and eve ‘round. Koh Tao is the ideal place to unwind, recharge and realize that all you need in life is Thai food, sandy feet and a gentle sea breeze.


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