DAY’s Erik Kieskamp on Inspirational Matters


My inspiration comes form quite diverse directions and might not always be directly applicable to my daily profession. But they are an indication of how I see the world and what details attract me. I’m also interested in historical designs that proved to be significant in time. It makes me wonder how my current activities relate to the Now.


– Oscar Niemeyer buildings


These buildings seem like spaceships that landed in the jungle. For some inexplicable reason they inspire me. I personally love the Athos Bulcão mosaics that are featured on some of their walls. Their means are simple – a set of patterned tiles – that are arranged and oriented in such a way that they form beautiful patterns.



– Poolside by Slim Aarons


This collection of work by photographer Slim Aarons depicts the vibrant and relaxed pace of life around swimming pools of the Jetset – The light, atmosphere and locations on the images directly turn me back to my own poolside memories, and it makes me reconnect with my childhood vacation dreaming.



– Classic Italian car concepts


Cars have in some way always fascinated me: not only the current context where we need to resolve the growing demand of mobility in occupied city spaces, but also the old times where we were still allowed to dream of leisure and speed. The wedge shaped vehicles feature beautiful graphical details and playful simplicity. As if their functionality was subordinate to their character.



– Prada runway designs by AMO


Often built into the same exposition space, but always different, using seemingly simple elements that add great tactility, volumes and that play with colour and light – It inspires me how simple means can be used to create great spaces that breathe a strong theme.



– Samurai suits


I’ve always had a great interest for masks and suits and for those of the samurai in particular. It was only when I came across a great collection of suits presented in a museum, when I fully understood the high amount of sophisticated details that can be found in their attire. Even simple laces turn out to be woven into patterns of different colour threads. The masks and body armour feature very stylised depictions of fantastic creatures.


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