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Brand Identity & Graphic Design

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Your brand needs to be distinctive

A brand identity is the way you communicate directly with your customers. It includes all visible elements of a brand such as logo design, as well as, printed and spacial items and an online presence. It’s a very eye-catching and distinguishable way to differentiate your brand in your customer’s mind. It provides the tools to tell your story that brings your brand to life within a framework to ensure your brand is cohesive and consistent.


Our Service

DAY delves into your company’s history, business strategy, core message and values to get an important insight into what you stand for. This insight provides the starting points in creating your distinctive brand identity and personality. We also investigate what your competitors are doing locally and globally to have a broad overview of the industry you’re in.

DAY then begins to create a comprehensive identity specifically tailored to your needs including logo design and the development of your visual building blocks. These consist of colour palette, typography, imagery and other graphical elements such as illustrations and icons. Your brand personality and distinct look and feel is defined, and from this communication tools such as stationery, brochures, flyers, a website or app can be created. These brand elements can also transform spacial and interior design with signage and experiential graphics.


What is the result?

You will have an eye-catching brand that uses a consistent and up to date set of communication tools in both offline, online and spacial environments. It will engage and identify with your audience which will in turn help to continue to grow your business. In able to achieve this, DAY can provide continued art direction and support with guidance for you and external partners. This can be both physical and in printed form with a brand identity manual giving detailed information on each brand element, as well as, designed examples of how to use your new brand identity.


Some clients we did this with:

Clue Technologies
Cools Urban Office Lofts
De Stadskantine
Heinen Delfts Blauwe
KNVB Campus
Konica Minolta
My Home Box
Stay okay / THE 5TH

Brand identity Graphic design 2d Service

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