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Brand Strategy & Positioning

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Your brand needs a strong DNA

A strong brand creates the uniqueness that makes you stand out in a crowd. It defines the personality that builds trust and relationships with your audience. Customer value is added and competitive advantages ensured with a strategic approach to brand building.


Our Service

DAY listens to your story, giving us an in-depth understanding on how to build your brand DNA. We define meaningful narratives which add value to the integrated brand experience, connecting people to your brand and organisation. DAY has an in-house team of strategic advisors and creatives who work with you to identify business opportunities and create market value. Together we develop the backbone of your brand. To take you along this journey DAY has well proven processes varying from market research to analysing audiences and trends in order to develop a unique positioning up to guiding you in building and implementing the brand.


What is the result?

Depending on your needs and brief we deliver a clear summary of our findings including one or more of these chapters:

Brand strategy and positioning
Brand personality, brand values, story and essence
Mission and vision
Brand promise
Brand architecture
Corporate Story


Some clients we did this with:

KNVB Campus
PON automotive: De Wasstraat
PON automotive: De Garage
Ziggo Dome

brand strategy and positioning service

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