Customer Journey Mapping touch points wayfinding signage service

Customer Journey Mapping

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Your brand needs to understand it’s customers

The customer journey gives insights into the physical and mental experiences of, and how, people interact with your company and brand. The values and DNA of your brand should be incorporated in every step of the customer journey. It allows us to identify any crucial points of the customer journey and experience, both positive and negative, leading to opportunities to immerse and connect with your audience even further.


Our Service

For each touch point along the journey wether visual, spacial or tangible; online or offline, at home or in a store etc we identify how to follow best practices and possible gaps in the market. DAY then uses tools and structured methods to guide you along the process to achieve this mental and physical shift for your brand. We present our recommendations, including customised and detailed inspiration per touch point. We even identify commercial partners to increase the value of the touchpoints and experience.


What is the result?

The improvement of each touch point creates a positive experience and deeper connection with your customers. it also generates possibilities for growth and expansion. Together we can nurture collaboration with potential sponsors and partners in hospitality, technology or retail for instance.


Some clients we did this with:

KNVB Campus
Martini Plaza
Ziggo Dome

Customer Journey Mapping touch points wayfinding signage service

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