Interior Architecture and Spatial Branding service

Interior Architecture & Spatial Branding

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Your brand needs a physical presence

As well as an offline and online presence, your brand probably sits in some sort of physical space too. It is therefore important, not only for customers but for employees as well. The physical elements such as thoughtfully designed furniture and good routing, as well as, sensory experiences such as touch and smell will only enhance people’s connection with your brand.

DAY designs experiences and spaces, such as offices, visitor centres, exhibition spaces, retail environments and hospitality areas of all shapes and sizes that focus on helping customers interact with your brand in a sensory and meaningful way, forming memorable and emotional connections.


Our Service

DAY looks into your company’s core message and values to get a feeling of what you stand for and what you wish to achieve. We take an extensive look at what others are doing within your industry, seeing trends and common factors, and by analysing your target audience we can understand what they expect and how we can perhaps challenge their outlook. This research determines the guiding design principles from which a concept is born. Here, DAY brings together the customer journey and touchpoint alongside ideas on the use of materials, floor plans, the facade, interior design, furniture, lighting etc. This is in the form of mood boards giving you a clear impression of how key areas could be transformed.

Working closely together we then formulate a specific direction and move to the preliminary design phase which goes into more specific detail on layout and materials and therefore sharpens the design. Once that is approved, we turn it into a complete package ready for production with technical drawings of custom made items for instance. DAY ensures that the desired quality is maintained by providing either a Turn Key role or by giving continued support and guidance to you and external partners during the implementation process until the project is fully completed.


What is the result?

You now have a visual marketing tool to complete your brand story and personality. A stunning physical presence enhances your brand’s awareness within your target audience sparking new interest, therefore increasing footfall and sales. There is a rejuvenated and energising environment underlining their daily physical connection with your brand.


Some clients we did this with:

Abu Dhabi Terminal
KNVB Campus
Orange Telecom
Van Gogh Musuem
Ziggo Dome

Interior Architecture and Spatial Branding service

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