vision for space and experience building blocks visual service

Vision for Space & Experience

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Your brand needs a narrative to achieve a physical presence

A well thought out and branded space or experience provides an extra physical dimension and stronger story you and your customers can touch, feel or view. A clear vision on how to actualise this into practical elements allows your brand to come alive and create an emotional connection with your audience. It also gives guidance and design principles to refer back to on bigger projects where many partners are involved.


Our Service

DAY researches the market in which your organisation operates analysing trends and developments, looking into the competition and getting to know your target audience. From there DAY undertakes the customer journey mapping and determines a central theme, framing the concept into look & feel, physical structures, lighting, colours and materialisation, as well as, general zoning and routing plans. This forms the design principles on which the complete design process can be built upon. It is a useful tool, full of detailed information and visual references that can be shared with, and briefed to, constructors and other agencies and partners. Resulting in everyone involved in the project having a clear understanding of your brand and organisation’s vision for the future.


What is the result?

This focused thinking provides clear reference points to always refer back to and leads the way forward during the concept and design phases. DAY delivers a comprehensive presentation and document of the vision including schematic drawings and masterplan on light, colour and the experience as a whole.


Some clients we did this with:

Eindhoven Airport
Martini Plaza
Ziggo Dome

vision for space and experience building blocks visual service

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