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Your brand needs to stand on common ground

Facilitating workshops is DAY’s way of co-creating together with you. Uniting knowledge from both your and our worlds aids different thinking and gives powerful insights to build on. Workshops can be a strong tool in guiding your company through this shift and in finding and formulating solutions for this challenge. By allowing people to share their thoughts and keep discussions open, we enable creativity from all parts and together can generate stronger and more substantiated ideas.


Our Service

DAY tailors and organises the location, agenda and methods to suit your unique requirements. Depending on the deliverables and the nature of the workshop together we delve deep into relevant insights, trends and inspiration. DAY’s approach is exploratory and inspiring, yet steering.


What is the result?

Because workshops are steered around an open table policy, there is a great sense of team building and a deeper understanding internally of why the shift is necessary for your brand to evolve. Your business stands on common ground and you can preview the future together. This also forms a very strong and clear foundation on to which DAY can begin.


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Workshop brainstorm service

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